Our mission

We help innovators to identify the best way to make their idea viable. We are convinced that this work cannot be done with conventional methods. That’s why the posture of the innovator must not only be exploratory and humble but structured. Our mission is to help innovators acquiring this mindset. We allow any type of organisation to face innovation projects uncertainty and complexity, by definition.

Our solution

Vianeo solutions, trainings and tools, provide you with an operational and adapted answer to your innovation issues. If you are innovator or if you mentor them, we exist to save your time and become more relevant and effective throughout the management of your innovation process. Our solutions are operational means to settle sustainable innovation management into your organisation.

Our founding principles

Where we come from Effectuation theory
The effectual logic, theorized by Professor Saras Sarasvathy (www. effectuation.org), describes the decision process specific to the launch of a project in an uncertain environment. While the resources are scarce and the goals are not easy to determine precisely, the effectual approach shows that the innovator progresses step by step starting from his own means and identifies continuously the effects created by these means in order to take advantage of them and to push his project forward.
The values we have The human at the core
Years of experience and mentoring have proven it to us. The strength of an idea, of a project is inherent to the human, the collective intelligence, dialogues and interactions. We are convinced that an innovative project strongly depends on the people who carry it. Henceforth, our solutions grant an important role to the people, to their personality, by providing them the opportunity to be at the center of the strategy of their project and to do a continuous “Business discernment” job.
What we use The ISMA360® Method
ISMA360®, developed by Dominique Vian, Professor at Skema Business School in Sophia Antipolis, is the first systemic method in the field of innovation marketing to present, in an organized and linked way, all set of 13 variables and 35 questions specific to an innovation context. The method was the subject of a thesis and a book. Researches in the field of management and entrepreneurship are still carried on for this method.

The team

Séverine Herlin
Séverine Herlin Chief Executive Officer
I dedicate my vision and my energy to the aims of our strategy, clients, products and above all, our team. Together we will help every innovator to transform an idea into a genuine project. Very curious by nature, I am so happy to be sure that I will never stop learning !
I like to convey my skills and my experience to boost projects. My greatest satisfaction : the spark in the eyes of an innovator who gets light shed on his project. I like nothing more than doing things that make sense, therefore I have a lot of pleasure training people to our solution !
Hervé Dufau
Hervé Dufau CTO
I am like an orchestra conductor serving digital and agile musicians. As a tennis lover, I facilitate the exchange between various profiles using different languages in order to build the best possible product together regarding our innovative customers' evolving needs.
Raphaël Pautasso
Raphaël Pautasso Senior Project Manager
Continuously looking for technical and innovation challenges as well as tasty dishes, I am an advanced informatics and free software expert. I am passionate about scientific methods, genetic genealogy and nature.
Yann Tassy
Yann Tassy Software Engineer
I am Vianeo’s hypnotizer. I am passionate about computing for more than 15 years. I love shifting my state of consciousness and even more triggering it in others… I am passionate about building: when I was young, I used to play with Legos.
Elodie Lefèvre
Elodie Lefèvre Graphic and Web Designer
I enhance my potential through my madness and creative uniqueness which are my tools to handle Vianeo's visual and virtual communication. My pronounced taste for design pushes me to follow last trends and to develop my skills.
Olivier Eschapasse
Olivier Eschapasse Consultant Associé
I am Vianeo's serial entrepreneur constantly exploring new ideas. Above all I am a detector of weak signals. Being a diving lover, I can analyse projects in depth. I love octopuses.
Rémi Perrin
Rémi Perrin Junior Developer
I am from Nancy. Coming from Lorraine, I appreciate conviviality and Mirabelle liqueurs. I am passionate about computing and I am currently the Junior Web and mobile Developer of the company.
Vladimir Oustinov
Vladimir Oustinov Business Developer
Explorer within the Parisian startup ecosystem, I solve the mysteries of this dynamic world in order to adjust the strategy of the company to its evolution.
Benjamin Blanchard
Benjamin Blanchard R&D Project Manager
I handle Vianeo’s R&D. Half way between business and technical issues, I utilize my schizophrenia to come up with the best compromises and thus guarantee a relevant evolution of our solutions.
Ahmed Msellek
Ahmed Msellek Engineer Developer
Full-stack developer passionate about R&D and new technologies, I am interested by startups and I love taking challenges.
Why not you ?
Why not you ? Nugget
You want to face challenges too and to provide your skills to an innovative company? Join our team !


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