With Vianeo-Strategy, design your market strategy, quickly get an overview of your strategy, and be more persuasive thanks to operational deliverables.

An innovator usually experiences difficulties to explore, structure, validate and argue the potential of her/his project. In order to build a strategy, it is necessary to have a clear vision of all the components that make the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

Such tools as the Business Model Canvas help having a picture of a strategy, they are in general static and do not help with the design of an iterative strategy.

Vianeo offers you a platform which guides you through this process, saves your time and makes your project more relevant by avoiding mistakes. We use the ISMA360 methodology, a systemic approach of the market analysis integrated within the tool. It provides coherence to the analysis of a market’s potential. Thanks to our platform, you will be able to define your strategy by validating the five proofs that show the value of your project: legitimacy, desirability, acceptability, feasibility and viability. By covering these steps, you will be able to evaluate yourself in order to understand the evolution of your reflection process. We recommend you to use this platform as a follow-up tool by returning on it and changing the information after you checked your hypothesis on the field. In addition, the platform enables you to generate synthesis documents about your work that you can communicate to your project stakeholders.

Maximize your chances of success by enjoying this tool that will support your strategic thinking. All long your go-to-market journey, describe, analyze, question yourself and get synthetic deliverables in order to clearly structure your ideas and to convince people of the potential of your idea!


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Business Design Camp
3 days to assimilate the culture, the innovator mindset and the business design methodology

You want to transform ideas into real added-value projects ?
You want to convince of its true potential?
You are aware that innovation involves an approach and specific methodology.
Learn how to design your innovation projects' market strategy in an uncertain and complex environment!
If you have an idea but you do not know how to transform it into a project, if you manage innovative projects or if you are even just curious.
The 2nd and 3rd days of the event, dedicated to the application of the methodology on real business cases, can be done with your organisation internal projects or as an Open Innovation event with startups.